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Transverse dorsal piercing of shaft skin (and a PA)
Frenum ladder
Frenum loop
Raphé ladder
Frenum with barbell piercing

A frenum piercing is a piercing performed through the surface skin of the shaft of the penis just under the glans, but not entering the urethra or the shaft core. The piercing is done across (transversely) to the shaft (see the picture on the bottom right, below), but the term is sometimes extended (incorrectly) to include piercings running longitudinally (parallel to the length of the shaft) elsewhere on the penis.

Along with a PA, a frenum piercing is considered an "easy" male genital piercing in that it is generally found to be one of the least painful male genital piercings.

Variations on the frenum include the frenum ladder (third picture, first row), a series of piercings, often along the dorsal mid-line or raphé (the mid-line on the underside of the penis), or the frenum loop (first picture, second row), where a single ring is attached by a frenum piercing and encircles the shaft.

Alternative Names

  • Speed Bumps

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