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Birth Date
Birth Place Seattle
Death Date Living
Occupation Musician, performer
Website http://www.theenigmalive.com

Formerly of Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, The Enigma, aka "Slug", aka Paul Lawrence, is the famous puzzle man, tattooed blue, head-to-toe, as a giant puzzle. In addition, he has very large teflon forehead implants, put in by Steve Haworth.

His many talents include sword swallowing, pushing power tools into his nasal cavity, pumping his own stomach, and playing musical instruments. His band, Human Marvels, has an album out called With It.


  • Formerly married to Katzen, who also did the jigsaw part of his tattoo.
  • The blue portions of his tattoo have been worked on by more than 200 artists.
  • He, along with Jim Rose, appeared in the second season episode of the television show "The X-Files", entitled "Humbug". His character's name was "The Conundrum", an obvious play on his real stage name.