Embedded labret

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After being pierced (or after subsequent injury or irritation), a lip will swell, sometimes dramatically. Because of this, the jewelry worn initially (or during swelling) must be long enough to accommodate this swelling. If such accommodation is not made, the jewelry can sink into the soft flesh of the lip and create an embedded labret.

Madonna piercing embedded, and now rejecting out the front!
Bottom of Madonna totally sunk into lip (different person)

If this happens, extraction can be difficult and painful, and can result in the loss of the piercing as well. If you notice your labret backing starting to sink into your lip, you probably need longer jewelry. If it is sinking into your lip, go visit your piercer immediately.

Embedded Labret
Embedded Labret
Embedded Labret
center|Medusa piercing embedded and removed late, being held open with two pieces of jewelry.

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