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Edward Bodkin is one of the first cutters to be prominently arrested for performing castrations. Bodkin was already known to readers of Ball Club Quarterly where he sold procedural videos of the castrations he'd done, and, on the whole, he had a terrible reputation. Having learned his craft by watching animals being castrated, early videos show primitive techniques, although they did improve over time, and a number of people in the videos claimed that the video was filmed and distributed without their consent. Before his arrest, a number of people he worked on fled mid-procedure to either fix themselves or rush to the hospital.

Prior to his arrest, Bodkin's drinking had gotten out of hand to the point where he was getting intoxicated and talking about his desires to castrate young boys, which appears to have caused friends to turn him in because of their concerns he might act on these desires. Bodkin was arrested, his videos were seized, along with nine jars of testicles that he'd kept from five earlier clients (who he claims are the extent of his work).

Not long after being arrested, Bodkin confessed and plead guilty, saying he was doing so to spare his clients (who he maintains were willing and happy) the embarrassment of a trial in which they might be "outed." GQ magazine and a number of other mainstream media outlets would later tell his story to a surprisingly receptive general public.

Bodkin was arrested in August of 2011 for sending child pornography to an inmate of the Massachusetts Department of Correction's Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons.

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