Carl Carrol

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Carl Carrols bisected penis courtesy of P.F.I.Q. and Modern Primitives

Carl Carrol was the first individual for many people to see with a full Genital bisection. He was featured in issue 15 of "Piercing Fans International Quarterly" magazine and in later years Vale and Juno's book, "Modern Primitives".

Carl Carrol Quotes

My decision to surgically remodel my genitals was deliberate, of deep satisfaction to me, highly exciting, sexually adventurous, and erotically exhilarating...Full erections are still maintained as previously, but now in two complete, separate halves. The erotic zones of my penis are still the same, with orgasms and ejaculations functioning perfectly. Entry into the vagina requires a little extra effort for insertion, but once my penis is inside, it's opened effect on the vagina's inner lining is more pronounced, giving better, female orgasmic feelings.

Quoted from Carl Carrol in Piercing Fans International Quarterly #15, Sourced from Vale, V. and Juno, Andrea (Eds.). (1989). Modern Primitives. Hong Kong: RE/Search Publications.