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"Unusual people doing unusual things with their bodies"

Body Play and Modern Primitives Quarterly was a magazine Fakir Musafar began publishing after he left the Gauntlet and his role with PFIQ. It contained extensive coverage of activities not given coverage in PFIQ and other magazines, such as branding, corsetry, suspension, contortionism and binding, tribalism, and so on.

Even though BP&MPQ was critically well received since its founding in 1992, it had difficulty building a subscriber base, never moving past 500. That, combined with difficulties with distributors, led to Body Play publishing its last print issue in 1999 after only 19 issues. Since then, Fakir has been publishing new articles that might have been in the magazine online at (back issues are also available there).

Body Play was also published as a book, which was a compilation of many of the first issues — ISBN: B000727COS (Find this at In addition, much of the material also appeared in Fakir's book Spirit and Flesh.

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