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The following is a guide to using BME for research. In all cases you should double check your school's requirements for citation style, this is merely meant as a guide and may not accurately illustrate citation according to MLA, APA or other standards.


  1. Experiences
  2. QOD
  3. BME produced FAQs/Wiki
  4. Using BME photos
  5. See Also


If you'd like to use the experiences on BME as a resource for a research project, you must realize one important thing: Experiences are reader submitted, and have not been edited for accuracy. They are there to document what people went through, and the experiences contain many instances of false information.

Experiences should be cited roughly as follows:

"Mrs. Penguin" Woman gets sewer pipe rammed through ear (BME: Body Modification Ezine) [1], 8 Mar. 2002 (Accessed 17 Mar. 2002).


QOD contains probably the most voluminous archive of questions and answers on body modification anywhere on the planet. When you're citing it, make sure you grab the date, as well as the author correctly.

QOD entries should be cited roughly as follows:

"Monte" Septum Stretching QOD entry (BME: Body Modification Ezine) [2], 13:38 14 Mar. 2002 (Accessed 17 Mar. 2002).

BME produced FAQs/Wiki

Many of the FAQs may contain specific information on how they should be cited, but in general, it's something along the lines of:

Suspension FAQ (BME: Body Modification Ezine) [3], 2002 (Accessed 17 Mar. 2002).

Using BME photos

Under no circumstances may BME photos be republished on the Internet, nor may they be distributed offline in any way. Permission is granted for non-commercial educational use. That is, if you'd like to use BME images for a school project, go ahead, but if you want to put them on your webpage or anything else, you can't.

See Also