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The following is a list of BMEzine's tattoo galleries and a description of the content you will find in each gallery.

Tattoo Galleries

  • Aquatic Tattoos - Tattoos dealing with the sea/ocean and marine life.
  • Asian Style Tattoos - Tattoos with an Asian theme or a distinctive Asian style to them.
  • Biomechanical Tattoos - A combination of biology and mechanics.
  • BME Logo Tattoos - Tattoos of one or more of BME's various official logos.
  • Butterfly Tattoos - Tattoos of butterflies.
  • Cartoon & Comic Tattoos - Tattoos based on cartoon or comic book (or animation) characters.
  • Celtic Tattoos – Celtic knots and other designs go in this category. If it’s not a Celtic design, it shouldn’t go here.
  • Cover-up Tattoos - Old tattoos that have been covered up or reworked into new designs.
  • Dotwork Tattoos - Tattoo designs created entirely by tattooing dots to create a design.
  • Eyeball Tattoos - Tattoos on the sclera (your eyeball). Not tattoos of eyeballs, this is a category for tattoos on a specific part of the body.
  • Face & Neck Tattoos - Again, body area specific, this category is for tattoos on the face and neck (or skull).
  • Fairy and Angel Tattoos – This is the category for fairy themed tattoos as well as angels. That includes cherubs and angel wings.
  • Fantasy Tattoos - Tattoos from a fantasy world like dragons and elves and unicorns - oh my!
  • Fire Tattoos – Burn baby, burn! Your fire tattoos go here.
  • Flower & Plant Tattoos – Is your tattoo a flower? This is the category you want. Any kind of flower, just so long as it is a flower! Or a plant.
  • Food Tattoos - Tattoos of food, things you eat, like cupcakes and bacon.
  • Foot Tattoos - Another body part specific category, this is for tattoos on your foot. Your leg is not your foot. Tattoos must be, at least partially, on the foot to go into this category.
  • Full Bodysuit Tattoos - Tattoos the cover the majority of the torso (and generally the arms and legs as well).
  • Geek Tattoos – Nintendo tattoo? Guitar Hero tattoo? Mathematical tattoo? Anything that screams geek goes here. This is generally a place for computer related tattoos, gaming tattoos, and the like.
  • Genital (and Atypical) Tattooing – Have a tattoo somewhere you don’t show your friends and neighbours? Genital tattoos and tattoos on other intimate areas belong in this section. 18+
  • Hand Poked Tattoos - Tabori, tattoos inserted in a traditional style by hand.
  • Hand Tattoos – Like facial and neck, if it’s on your hands you should choose this category.
  • Hearts and Love Tattoos – Hearts. Iterations of love. Go gaga in here.
  • Tattoos - Tattoos of insects, bugs, spiders, creepy crawlies.
  • Kanji & Chinese Lettering Tattoos – Chinese and Japanese characters abound in this category.
  • Lettering Tattoos - Tattoos with words. It can be one word. A phrase. A sentence. An entire chapter from War and Peace! Whatever it is, if it’s lettering, this is where it goes. The exception would be kanji since it has its own section.
  • Lip Tattoos – This means your mouth. Let’s keep it clean! If you have your inner lip tattooed, this is your category. If you have your outer lips tattooed, well this is your category too.
  • Memorial Tattoos - Tattoos in memory of a lost loved one.
  • Miscellaneous Tattoos – This is the category you choose when you look at all of the other categories and realize yours doesn't belong in any of them.
  • Music Tattoos – Musical notes, musical instruments, album art, song lyrics… Those are all appropriate for this section.
  • New Skool Tattoos – This is a specific style of tattooing. Not all brightly colored tattoos are in the “New Skool” style. New Skool has that urban graffiti feel while often playing on old school flash motifs. This isn’t a hard and fast rule but you may want to stop and consider if your tattoo fits “New Skool” or if it belongs in a different category.
  • Old School (and Old) Tattoos – There are two types of tattoos you would find here. The first is really old tattoos like ones you might see on your grandfather who served in the Navy. The other is not necessarily an old tattoo but tattoos that are based on traditional flash imagery like double cherries or anchors. Think Sailor Jerry.
  • Pet Portrait Tattoos - Portraits of our furry (and not so furry) friends. This is not the place for that portrait of a lion you have on your back. Unless you have a lion for a pet.
  • Pinup Tattoos – Sexy ladies on your flesh? This is where they get together.
  • Political and Patriotic Tattoos – Tattoos of flags. Political statements.
  • Portrait Tattoos – A portrait of a loved one, a celebrity, a character from a movie or even your cherished pet, the key word here is portrait.
  • Religious and Mythological – Religious iconography like crosses, praying hands, images of Jesus goes here. Likewise, tattoos based on things like Greek Mythology belong here rather than the fantasy section.
  • Sci-Fi & Horror Tattoos – Trekkie? Have an homage to Han Solo on your back? This is your category! What about a portrait of Michael Myers or Freddie Kruger? This is your category too! If it's sci-fi or horror, this is where it should be!
  • Skull and Skeleton Tattoos - Skulls, skeletons, Day of the Dead tattoos.
  • Space Tattoos - Ground Control to Major Tom... Tattoos of planets and outer space. Stars have their own category.
  • Sports Tattoos – Footballs, racecar numbers. Whatever your sport of choice, if it’s a tattooed on you, it goes here.
  • Star Tattoos – What else is there to say? Is it a star? If you answered yes, this is the category you’re looking for!
  • sXe Edge Tattoos – Straight edge tattoos go here. Any tattoo motif that is dedicated to the straight edge lifestyle goes into this category.
  • Tattoo Artist Portfolios – This is a category that contains subgroups of various tattoo artist portfolios. Only the artist whose works are contained within the portfolio can submit to their category. Want one? Email [email protected].
  • Tattoo Conventions – Photos from tattoo conventions from around the world.
  • Tattoo Flash – This category is for the submission of flash, not tattoos based on flash designs but the actual designs themselves. All flash submissions should be original. Don’t steal. Don’t copy. Only submit your own work and remember this is for flash drawings not photos of tattoos.
  • Tattoo Removal – Getting a tattoo removed? Take some photos and submit them here.
  • Tongue Tattoos – Have a tattoo ON your tongue? This is where it goes. This is not a category for tattoos of tongues.
  • Tribal and Blackwork Tattoos – Tribal tattoos and solid blackwork go here. Tattoos that are made up of black and grey (no colour) don’t necessarily belong in this category. If you’re unsure, have a look through the category. The designs can be anything but usually stand out because of their single use of black with no shading.
  • UV and Glow Tattoos – Does your tattoo glow in the dark or under a UV light? Submit it here.
  • Wildlife & Nature Tattoos - Wild animal tattoos. Nature themes. The exception here would be flowers since they have their own section and butterflies since, again, they have their own section.

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