Achilles Piercing

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Achilles Piercing
Achilles Piercing Suspension

Widely regarded as a myth, the achilles piercing is a which passes between the achilles tendon and the ankle. Although extremely rare, it is real, and healed examples do exist. PFIQ once even documented a man with a large stretched achilles piercing that he was able to suspend from (see also foot crucifixion suspension).

It is very important to note a few things about this piercing:

  • Not everyone's anatomy is suited for this piercing, and there must be sufficient space to place the piercing. An experienced practitioner once claimed that he wouldn't do this modification unless he could pinch the tissue and feel his finger on the other side.
  • Consider your lifestyle. You're going to want to stay off your feet as much as possible during the healing process, as well as avoiding boots and other things that are going to damage the piercing or contradict its healing.
  • Tendonitis is a real problem, especially in your achilles tendon.
  • If you have scarring or other complications in the area, you risk permanently damaging your mobility. Take this seriously!

This should be considered a high- piercing, and there is very little community knowledge on it. If you get this piercing, please be extremely careful, and be sure to document it thoroughly for future explorers.