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Yttrx has been a vocal presence on rec.arts.bodyart and in the body modification community for many years.

In reality, Yttrx is a computer geek and part time writer whose foray into body modification in the BME sense began with a combination of alcohol and boredom in the East Village in the early 1990s. Loud and obnoxious even in those days, he could be often found accusing victims of his street-piercing style of being "pussies" or "cry-babies".



The name "Yttrx" was first concocted in 1994 on a BBS in Chicago called Ripco for the strict purpose of giving an ISP owner named Karl Denninger a hard time. It stuck quickly among the "hacker" scene in Chicago at the time, and a minor mystique grew around the name due to its inventor avoiding potential slander suits by keeping his identity a closely guarded secret. "Yttrx" is actually a play on the placename "Ytterby", which is a small village in Sweden that gave rise to the names of such substances as "Ytterbium" and "Yttrium". The truth is, "Yttrx" is actually completely meaningless and without symbol as a moniker--which is part of the ongoing joke in the mind of its inventor.

Yttrx found rec.arts.bodyart sometime in late 1995 as a result of his first non-traditional piercing. Over the following seven years he made thousands of posts and was involved with some of the greater dramas of the group, including the retirement of Anne Greenblatt from rec.arts.bodyart and eventually the "scene" itself.

Sometime in 2002, Yttrx found it necessary to retire from rec.arts.bodyart himself, somewhat due to the invasion of real-life--but mostly to do with a blizzard of posts by Curt James which he found intolerable.

Yttrx had an IAM page way back at its inception, but thought it was boring and filled with dinks and only logged in twice. Much to both his surprise and chagrin, after a few years had passed, he realized that IAM had grown to the point where it came to include many of his friends in the community and decided to rekindle his page. After a few username permutations he's finally settled back to Yttrx, having come full circle.


It's often claimed by the unwashed that "Yttrx" is an unpronounceable moniker. In fact, it is entirely pronounceable. This is now, and has always been, the official pronunciation:


This was a point of contention between acquaintances and disciples of the moniker and the man behind it for some time. The disagreement however became very suddenly moot upon the realization by Yttrx in early 2000 that it had been a completely inane discussion to begin with.


  • Yttrx is highly and somewhat ironically misogynistic.
  • Yttrx was once yelled at and physically assaulted in a mall by Richard Simmons for eating a donut.
  • Yttrx knows exactly how David Blaine levitates.
  • Yttrx claims to be the first to have used the term "interweb" in a derogatory sense, citing initial appearances of the term in the logs of undernet IRC channels #satan and #thelema in October 1997, predating the June 7th, 2000 claim on Wikipedia by more than three years.

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