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Director Stephen Norrington
Runtime 120 mins
Country USA
Language English / Russian
Rating Australia:MA
USA:R (certificate #35159)
Genre Action / Horror / Thriller
Year of Release 1998
DVD Release Date
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People seem to semi-regularly ask the question: "Where can I find a copy of the tattoo in the Wesley Snipes Blade series?"

First of all, the tattoos on Wesley Snipes in the movie were designed by tattoo artist Freddy Negrete (whom you could, in theory, approach). The other vampire tattoos were designed by production manager Chris Petruccelli. These glyph tattoos were used both to identify vampires and vampire safe houses. As a promotional tool, temporary tattoos of these designs were distributed in clubs all over North America. You can probably find them at various Sci-Fi conventions or perhaps on eBay, if you get lucky. About 3/4 of a million were made.

Blade Movie-1.jpg

Unfortunately, Wesley Snipes's full-body tattoo is never fully shown in the movie, although (if you were deranged enough) you could probably piece it together from stills. If you don't care for it to be exact, any talented tattoo artist can draw you something in the same style, as an alternative to trying to copy it exactly.

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