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"As outer labia piercing are to inner labia piercing, Christina is to vertical hood piercing."

The Christina piercing is a surface piercing (although depending on the woman's anatomy it may not be), traveling from the very top of the clitoral hood, through the small ridge where the outer labia meet, and exiting through the surface of the pubic mound. Naturally, this piercing is anatomy-dependent and prone to rejection in women with a particularly smooth pubic region.


The piercing was named by Tom Brazda of Stainless Studios, in what some consider a somewhat sordid manner. Traditionally when choosing Piercing Names, the first-known person to get a piercing gets to choose its name. In the case of the Christina, a customer approached him about the piercing and made an appointment for two weeks after that initial consultation. Before her piercing was done, however, he mentioned it to a friend, named Christina, who ultimately got the piercing before the "inventor" and chose to name it after herself.

This piercing is usually performed with a surface bar or curved barbell. Jewelry is often customized for the individual client, since no two Christina piercings (or pubic mounds, for that matter) are exactly alike. Some people's anatomy may even be suited to wearing a ring if they have a pronounced ridge.

Alternative Names

Catherine Piercing
a local term in Illinois, USA.
Venus or Venus Piercing
coined by Urban Primitive
specific to women with underdeveloped, missing or removed clitoral hoods.
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