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Uvatiarru is the final name for the BME movie, formerly known as CURED (changed in order to avoid confusion with iWasCured) and later SAVED (changed in order to avoid confusion with a Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin movie released in 2004).



Most of us perceive time as something linear that we move or progress through from start to finish. The Inuit believe that time moves through us in a repeating and cyclical fashion; from this they have the word Uvatiarru, meaning both “in the past” and “in the future” at the same time. There are truths that are revealed in the passage of time, and when they are forgotten, they are discovered again in the next cycle.

Rites of the body are humanity’s earliest known form of communication with each other and with the spirit world — as far back as 30,000 years, we see everything from simple tattooing to rituals involving amputation of digits by shaman. Over the past 500 years, we humans have done our best to mask, and even expunge, these carnal voices, but they can not be silenced because they are who we are. Our bodies are vessels for these acts; we are designed, by hand of god or by hand of fate, to use our bodies to be the voice of the universe.

All over this world, people are responding to a growing feeling inside them, each in their own way and with their own dance, but driven by the same underlying unifying heartbeat. Some dance with a heritage and guidance, but most don’t know the names for the passions that drive them. A wind gathers in them and around them, and we’re watching it sweep through the world as we finally realize that the ultimate purpose of billions of unique puzzle pieces in different shapes and colors is, through the strength of their differences, to complete the puzzle that tells us who we are and what we are here to do.

The movie Uvatiarru attempts to take a picture of this storm.

Shot on location in over a dozen countries with hundreds performance artists, social deviants, and modern shaman, Uvatiarru is the result of nearly ten years of preparation and filming by Shannon Larratt and BMEzine.com. The film features amazing performances, including all manner of body modification, Suspension, Piercing, Body part removal, and Body sculpting, Fireplay, Astral travel, and adventure.

Uvatiarru is “coming soon.” As of Summer 2005, we are filming our final scenes, and the movie is in the editing stage. Anticipated limited theatrical, festival, and DVD release is for May 2006.

Trailers and updates are available at www.uvatiarru.com