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Tribbles are furry, almost round animals, ranging in size from 3 to 35 cm.


They have no legs, but are able to propel themselves at a reasonable speed. They will eat almost anything a carbon-based life form can digest. They do not have eyes, but have other highly accurate senses. The natural tribble is some shade of black, brown or white, but through selective breeding, the tribble now comes in almost any color.

Tribbles are hermaphrodites and begin reproduction before birth, if the parent has enough food reserves built up. They are capable of heterosexual reproduction, which is important for variety and evolution in the species. A tribble will choose a partner if one is available.

A tribble can reproduce once every 12 hours, with an average litter of 10, when fed free choice on a high protein diet, but the tribbles kept commonly as pets are genetically altered and can not breed.

Perhaps you meant to type in Tribal, instead?

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