Transurethral Piercing

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A transurethral piercing is one where the piercing intersects the urethra. The most obvious benefit of this is that the urine helps clean the piercing. In addition, depending on the jewelry placement, the piercing may also provide erotic stimulation of the urethra.

Male transurethral piercings include (but are not limited to, and some of these like the ampallang are not always transurethral):

In addition, some of these piercings may be used to secure urethral toys like Prince's Wands.

A urethral reroute by piercing the urethra near the base of the penis and inserting jewelry has been attempted. Since the hole was reported to tend to close up rapidly when the jewelry was removed, the individual who attempted a reroute by transurethral piercing advises against this method if one seeks a functional reroute.

Due to a less sympathetic anatomy, female transurethral piercings are rare. The two extant types are:

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