Mark Calaway

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Mark Calaway
Birth Date March 24, 1962
Birth Place Houston, Texas, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Professional Wrestler, Actor



Mark Calaway is better known by his wrestling moniker The Undertaker. Calaway has been wrestling for WWF/E since 1990. Born March 24, 1962 in Houston, Texas, USA, Calaway presents an imposing figure standing at 6'8" tall. He is of Irish and Native American descent.

Calaway has several tattoos, some of which were done by Paul Booth. His tattoos include the name Sara (his ex-wife) tattooed on his throat and a skeleton on the back of his neck as well as full sleeves.

He has been the inspiration for tattoos from many of his fans.

As of March 2008, he is having the tattoo on his throat removed as he is no longer with his former wife, Sara.




The one on my throat? Yeah, it tickled a little. It was one of the shorter settings I ever had, but it was pretty intense. When it came across the Adam's apple area, I knew where he (the tattoo artist) was at. Fortunately for me, I have a very high threshold of pain. To some extent, I guess I enjoy it. But it's not for the weak at heart.

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