The Japanese Tattoo

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The Japanese Tattoo
Japanese tattoo.jpg
Author Donald Richie, Ian Burma
Genre Culture Studies
Publisher Weatherhill
Published 1980
Language English
Pages 114
ISBN 0834802287

The Japanese Tattoo is an informative and easy to read book on not just the pictography of the Japanese tattoo, but also the social psychology, a short history and the methods used in applying the tattoo.

The authors, Donald Richie and Ian Burma, have done a wonderful job at sourcing new and old photos alike of tattooists working, people in their everyday lives and historical photos. With many of the photos being in black and white they seldom over power the reader, one can read this book without being distracted by the photos.

The book also contains many of the proper Japanese terms instead of translating them into English reinforcing the cultural differences and elevating the overall tone of the book.

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