Teen Wolf

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Teen Wolf
Genre comedy, drama, horror
Starring Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed
Country USA
Language English
Number of Seasons 5
Runtime 40-45 minutes
First Aired 2011
Last Aired present
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A somewhat awkward teen, Scott, is attacked by a werewolf and inherits the curse itself, as well as the enemies that come with it. The show follows Scott, his best friend Stiles, his on-again/off-again girlfriend Allison, who is from a family of Hunters, and Derek, the werewolf that Scott first gets to know, and who later becomes the Alpha.


  • Derek (played by Tyler Hoechlin) sports a tattoo of a symbol on his back. He explains that the symbol represents the Alpha, Beta and Omega (the three types of werewolves).
  • Starting in season 3, Scott (played by Tyler Posey) can be seen sporting a tattoo of two bands that encircle his bicep. Tyler Posey has stated that he got the tattoo and series writer Jeff Davis decided to incorporate it into the show. In the first episode of season 3, Scott, with Stiles (played by Dylan O'Brien) accompanying him, is seen at a tattoo studio, getting the two rings. He says he isn't sure what it means when Stiles questions him. After he leaves, he realizes the tattoo has healed/vanished due to his being a werewolf. Later, he asks Derek to repay him a favour by helping him make the tattoo permanent since Derek has one himself. Derek asks about the tattoo's meaning and Scott says it's a symbol he drew. Scott explains that in Samoan tattoo means “open wound.” He says he planned to get it when he was 18 but decided to get it after he successfully didn't text or call Allison all summer. He says four months later his feelings for her still hurt like an open wound. Derek then uses a torch to sear the tattoo into Scott's skin, making it appear permanently. Once Scott regains consciously, Stiles indicates that the tattoo now looks permanent and Scott says he needs something permanent after everything they've been through and how everything changes so quickly. Symbols play a large part in the series and the two circles (one slightly wider than the other) come to symbolize Scott's pack.


Derek's trinity tattoo
Scott's armband tattoo

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