Tattoo touch-up

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Touch up due to fading. By Ilona.

Poorly done tattoos, or those on parts of the body with frequent skin regrowth, such as lips, hands or feet, may need a touchup. Touchups may be performed by the original artist, possibly due to tattoo blow-out, fading or poor healing. You may wish to find another artist to touchup your tattoo if it is necessitated by poor work, but be prepared to pay standard tattooing fees if you choose to do so. A touchup would maintain the original design and style of the old tattoo, as opposed to a cover up, which would completely mask or rework the design. Be warned that not all artists are willing to do touchups on any tattoo by another artist. A tattoo initially done well by an experienced tattooist using proper materials will not necessarily need touching up with age! Protecting your tattoo from excessive sun exposure and other factors will also help preserve the color and life of your tattoo.

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