Tattoo Scarring

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Scarring and Blowout

When done properly on healthy skin, tattooing should cause no perceptible scars. However, if the artist tattoos too deep, or works the skin too hard, tattoo scarring can easily occur. This may or may not damage the tattoo, and it can be anything from slightly raised outlines to the tattoo being constantly bumpy, raised, and itchy. As one reader describes, these scars may not raise up until later (as evidence, look at healing photos in BME's scarification gallery):

It can take quite some time after healing for the effects to show ... One of my tattoos scarred two years after it was done. My skin got bumpy and rough ... Really gross looking. And there is nothing you can do about it!

Assuming your skin is healthy and you are going to a talented artist, this should not be a risk.

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