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A Tara KLamp is a relatively inexpensive plastic circumcision device designed for non-hospital environments such as field use in developing nations. It is a single use pre-sterilized tool that comes in all sizes from infant to adult. It was invented in Malaysia.

To simplify, it works by clamping off the foreskin where it meets the shaft of the penis. No sutures or dressings are applied, and under topical anesthetic only, the device is locked in place, crushing a ring of tissue as well as cutting off blood supply to the foreskin, which is then painlessly cut off. The Tara KLamp is left on for four to seven days.

It should be noted that Tara KLamps were designed primarily for use in third world countries where hospitals are not a reasonable alternative. Tara KLamps are not usually approved for use (or sale) in most Western countries, and certainly not for personal use.

TaraKLamp being applied in a scene
Recent TaraKLamp circumcision
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