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Anyone have any idea how many active users are on IAM? I know theres 16,000 in all, but I guess alot of these are dead pages.

You sure 16,000 total...? Or 16,000 "slots" available? -- I think the current user count is closer to 11,019 -- ..?? Active users, that I dunno...

I'm just going by the thing I saw, which gives you your hits number, its says it's out of (just over) 16,000


I wonder if the iamcool tool reflects actual record counts in the database -- I suppose it does, as people who have not main pic (never uploaded anything) do not show up AT ALL in the main list.. is that correct? (as opposed to showing up as that big blue "X"...) If that is so, then I'm certain you are correct (going by the amicool number of 16,000+)! :) -- My bad!

it's a mystery

Times like these you need scooby doo.

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