Superman suspension

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Superman Suspension
Superman Suspension
Superman Suspension

Superman suspension is a form of in which the body is suspended horizontally with flesh hooks along the back and legs (and sometimes the arms and head as well, although those are often just strapped instead or left free). Superman suspensions allow the suspendee less motion than in suspensions like Suicide suspension, but are generally considered more "tranquil". Also, due to the fact that the hooks can be distributed to a larger area of the body, this style is considered to be the easiest of the suspensions. Most novices find this to be a good first suspension. It seems the biggest complaint about this suspension is that back of the legs can be a very sensitive, and piercing them is a somewhat upsetting thought to many.

The superman suspension was one of the first named suspensions, the naming having been done collectively by the people at Body Manipulations SF (including Allen Falkner).

The female version is called a Superwoman.

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