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There are a lot of talented body artists working in the field today. It is now easier than ever to get modified in a professional and sterile manner.

That having been said, there are still people who fail to get good work. Bad tattoos, horrible piercings, etc.

Here are some tips to help you get quality modifications:

  • Research. Find the tattooist you want. Have you seen healed examples of their work? Will they provide you with proof of sterilization? Can they draw?
  • Common sense. Some piercers today are willing to experiment on clients, just to get a "cutting-edge" piercing picture for their portfolio (see also: "Mod Before Client" phenomenon). Before you get that trans-reverse-anti-thing that they want to do on you, step back. Will it heal? Is it really a good idea? Is it worth it?
  • The Web. Customer testimonials can be deceiving, but it's worth a shot. Talk to other people who've had work from said modifier.
  • Sobriety. Don't get intoxicated before, during, or immediately after a new modification (alcohol, for example, will increase bleeding, quite apart from its possible effects on judgment). Relax. Enjoy the procedure. If the modifier wants to get drunk or high with you, take it as a bad sign.

These are just a few tips; the main thing to remember is to do your research.