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Some companies such as Mr. S. make what is basically a heavy tube of metal split in half which is held together with screws. These split-steel stretchers are expensive (starting at $200) and range in weight from .5lb on up.

  • Advantages: If an enthusiast likes using weights, this is the best method because the weight is the stretcher itself, making it less bulky and even possible to wear under clothes.
  • Disadvantages: The expense factors in, but the equipment is hard to get. Unless one lives near a manufacturer and can shop around, they will probably waste money on a poorly-fitting device. (If the diameter is too narrow, it will cut the circulation off.) They are hard to put on, mostly because they pinch when the two halves are laid together. Also, most manufactures seem to use screws with hex-endings, so an allen wrench has to be used to take it off. As with any method that uses weights, sudden trauma is also a constant concern.
  • Method: These are very hard to put on. To get all of the skin out from between the halves, the wearer may have to slide the halves back and forth across each other. This can be painful, since it amounts to skin getting caught between two moving pieces of steel.
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