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Whilst Toliet Tissue per se has nothing to do with body modification the Australian brand Sorbent (Launched in 1952) has used tattooing in its advertising scheme.

Sorbent recently used an advertising campaign of toilet tissue "Scrunchers" versus those who "Fold" and to further this campaign Sorbent paid $20,000 (Aus) each to two people (male and female) for them to have their toilet tissue allegiance tattooed on their buttocks (the male folded and the female scrunched).

The tattoo's were applied backstage on the comedy talk show "Rove Live" and were then revealed at the end of the program on Tuesday the 16th of May, 2006.

Each tattoo was a toilet tissue roll with either "I'm a SCUNCHER" or "I'm a FOLDER" written above it.

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