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This cartilage piercing passes through the vertical ridge that "outlines" but does not edge the ear. Technically speaking, this is an "anti-helix piercing," although snug seems to be the term in most common circulation.

Many people find it extremely painful, as well as difficult to heal, largely because many piercers insist on putting small diameter, thin gauge rings into them. These are not like tragus piercings. All lengthy piercings should use jewelry that fits the channel created as it lies naturally. With cartilage especially, this means straight bars or subtly curved ones, no rings until it's well healed. Even then, if the degree of bend inside the piercing itself is more than the body will tolerate, expect swelling, pain and migration or scarring.

This piercing was named by Caitlin Theobald in the mid-1990s after the hip clothing company Snug Industries which was owned by her boyfriend at the time. This is probably the only piercing named after a clothing line!


Alternative Names

Ragnar Piercing
a "deep snug" piercing

Related Risks

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