Shaft Piercing

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Shaft Piercing is a generic term which refers to any piercing that passes through the body of the shaft of the penis. It does not generally refer to piercings on the surface of the penis, such as frenum piercings.

Ampallang and Apadravya piercings are usually done through the glans, but shaft versions of both of these piercings are possible. Dolphin piercings also could be counted as shaft piercings, although they are far less intense.

These piercings need to be performed by someone with experience, as it is essential that the skin on the outside and in the urethra line up correctly to avoid pinching during erection. There is often more bleeding than with other male genital piercings, especially if the corpora cavernosa are pierced, and it can take a long time for the piercing to fully heal. That said, because of the strong blood supply, in some people they have been noted to heal remarkably quickly (faster than a normal piercing).

Types of Shaft Piercing