Scrotal Infection

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Infections can become trapped inside the scrotum and grow quickly. For bacteria, the scrotum is a nice place to live: it's warm, it's protected from the elements, and it contains plenty of tissue to feed upon. Infections in the scrotum tend to grow so quickly, the infected person often doesn't know it until it's too late to reverse the damage to the testicles, and the male is forced to live as a eunuch.

Procedures that actually invade the interior of the scrotum have the potential to drag in contaminants. saline infusions and transscrotal piercings do while standard scrotal piercings do not, although if an infection develops in a standard scrotal piercing it could potentially travel inward. Contaminants could be introduced by a dirty needle, surface bacteria dragged in during the procedure, or contamination of the saline or jewelry itself. The point is, if an infection does set in, it can become life-threatening inside of a 48-hour window. If signs of infection present after the scrotum has been compromised, an emergency room visit IS THE ONLY OPTION to prevent death or sepsis.

Bryan writes in to describe his experience,

I've had a necrotizing strep infection from a saline/CBT session. It was life threatening, developed over 3 days, and I ended up in hospital having extensive and aggressive surgery. Thankfully I didn't end up losing too much of my scrotum, but it was extremely painful, took 8 weeks to heal, and has left a noticeable and awkward scar.
It wasn't the saline that caused it directly, rather that we accidentally cut my scrotum with a scalpel as we were untying the knot on the bootlace we had used to tie by balls off. The scalpel was obviously dirty, and this allowed the bacteria to enter into my scrotum, which was nicely filled with lots of warm water... So be careful not with just the canulas, the saline, and the general hygiene, but with all the instruments you allow to get near the area.

The seriousness of this risk cannot be emphasized enough!

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