Sailor Jerry Collins

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Sailor Jerry Collins
Birth Date 14 January 1911
Birth Place Reno, Nevada
Death Date 12 June 1973
Occupation tattoo artist

Sailor Jerry Collins (born January 14, 1911 as Norman Keith Collins), was a tattoo artist who worked in Hawaii after World War Two until he passed away in 1973. His tattoo work and designs have been used and studied by many artists since. The letters he wrote to Ed Hardy paint a personal portrait of a man who was a product of his era.

A lot about the man is documented in a book from Hardymarks Publications, Sailor Jerry Collins, American Tattoo Master (Book), ISBN: 0945367112 (Find this at

Sailor Jerry contributed a lot to the tattoo artists of today and he lives on through the men he taught and the artwork he left for us.

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