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When a piercing is healing it is an open wound and will put you at a highly elevated risk of infection if you have unprotected sex. Even after a piercing is healed, it has an increased potential for small skin tears and other lesions and will slightly increase your chance of infection if you are not using a condom. This applies to tongue piercings, male genital piercings, and female genital piercings.

A dental dam can offer a viable form of barrier protection for use during female oral sex, helping reduce the risk of oral to genital/genital to oral infections.

Piercings should not generally affect the use of condoms or other safe sex measures. In the case of extremely stretched glans jewelry such as a heavy gauge Prince Albert piercing, a condom with an enlarged glans area such as Inspiral Condoms or Pleasure Plus can alleviate pressures in the region.

Safe sex also refers to using a barrier method such as a condom to prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS, HIV, and certain strains of Hepatitis.

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