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Shawn Porter Collection (or SPC) was a sistersite to BME which dubbed itself "extreme anthropology." It began online in 1995 at about the same time it inherited the Jack Yount Collection, but had been archiving hard copy materials for much longer, of course.

The site's primary focus was on heavier modification, but was also a full-spectrum site. It delved into history and contained profiles on a number of significant figures in the body modification world. SPC was instrumental in the launch of BME/Extreme, and Shawn helped write most of the early extreme body modification FAQs for BME, and worked with BME on a variety of fronts, including hosting ModCon.


Shawn Porter has shared in AskBME that, After a decade, the SPC site suffered a pretty massive crash. I'm not so good at keeping backups, and lost about 80% of it. It will eventually be restored, but for now.... no dice. 1