Return of the Tribal

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Return of the Tribal
Return of the tribal-cover.jpg
Author Rufus C. Camphausen
Genre Culture Studies
Country United States
Publisher Park Street Press
Published September 1, 1997
Language English
Pages 128
ISBN 0892816104

Rufus C. Camphausen's book Return of the Tribal: A Celebration of Body adornment published by Inner Traditions in 1997, is a slim line and easy to read publication on varied aspects of humanity's need to change and modify their bodies.

The author covers not only piercing and tattooing but also such superficial changes as coloured contact lenses and body paint considering them all to be an effort to change one's appearance.

Camphausen's eye for imagery serves this book very well with the photographs that were chosen complimenting the written word very well, though it should be noted that some of the photos have been seen in other publications.

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