Rasmus Nielson

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Rasmus Nielson, the Scandinavian Strong Man, was a tattooed performer in the 1930's. In addition to his bodysuit of tattoos Rasmus had a number of large piercings which he used for lifting objects (such as an anvil from his chest). Rasmus told a fictitious story of abduction and forcible tattooing like many others and explained his piercings as the result of a torturous suspension at the hands of the South Seas Islanders who had allegedly captured him.

One reader wrote to add:

Rasmus Nielson was a blacksmith — that's why you see pictures of him lifting anvils and sledge hammers. There is a good chance he made his own nipple rings. This is a job where some one is testing their endurance and strength every day. It's also a job where one gets scarred and burned quite a bit... I know because I am one!


  • Rasmus is the first known example of the Madison piercing.
  • Body Modification Pioneer Jack Yount saw Rasmus Nielson performing at a circus as a child, and credits the encounter with starting his love affair with body modification.
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