Prince Albert

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Are you here looking for Prince Albert Piercing? This entry is actually about the prince himself.

Prince Albert was born in 1819 to the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Francis Charles Augustus Albert Emmanuel and was declared by Roger Fulford the "most eligible bachelor in England". He first met his cousin Queen Victoria in 1839. They married not long afterwards, and after the death of Lord Melbourne (1848), Prince Albert found himself in a position of considerable authority over Queen Victoria. He helped expand the empire's education system and address other social ills, and he was influential in the expansion of Cambridge University after he became chancellor. He also organized 1851's Great Exhibition and was involved in every action of the monarchy.

He died in 1861 of typhoid fever and left the queen "utterly broken-hearted and crushed," and was remembered for his intelligence, good looks, charisma, athleticism, and social consciousness.

Piercing rumours

As to his interest in genital piercing, nothing is officially recorded. Some people have suggested that he wore a "dressing ring," used to pull his penis back tight so as not to create an "unsightly bulge" in his tight-fitting pants. Others have suggested that the alleged ring's purpose was to keep his foreskin retracted, ensuring his member was "sweet smelling" for the Queen. Neither of these rumors can be substantiated, although, in theory, either is possible.