Outer Conch Piercing

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An outer conch piercing is a piercing through the outer shell of the ear. It is actually a somewhat unusual placement when it comes to "normal" sized piercing because most people tend to pierce along the edge of the ear (Helix piercing) which one could argue are not really outer conch piercings, or do Inner conch piercing instead.

Outer Conch Piercing
Outer Conch Piercing

What is far more common when it comes to the outer conch is Dermal punch; which excises a circular (generally, other shapes have been done) portion of the skin and cartilage of the conch:

Outer Conch Piercing
Outer Conch Piercing

Alternative Names

Local Term in Buffalo, NY (ie. a piercing located on the flat stretch of the outer/upper conch).
Upper Sadhu
see Inner Conch Piercing for better clarification.

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