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Neck stretching is a bit of a misnomer because it is not in fact possible to stretch ones neck -- you can however force the ribs and collar down with enough time and dedication, giving the illusion of a longer neck. This is limited almost exclusively to traditional cultures, but in the West, some people also enjoy minor neck stretching, corsetry, and bondage for both aesthetic and ritualistic reasons.

Neck Elongation in Thailand

Padaung/Kayan women (of the Karenni people of Thailand and Burma) are the best known cultural group and are often referred to as the "giraffe-necked" women. Like many traditional body modifications, the original motivation has been lost to time even though it is still practiced (one could argue that tourism is a strong force currently encouraging it). Coils are added at a young age, and more are added as the wearer ages. The coils can be removed but due to muscle atrophy a recovery period is required to regain the strength lost.

Padaung Neck Coils 1.jpg Padaung Neck Coils 2.jpg
Padaung women's neck rings

Western Neck Stretching

Unlike other traditional body modifications such as ear stretching and even lip plates, neck stretching involving full-time dedication to the artform is virtually unheard of. Neck coils and neck corsets are manufactured by C&S Constructions primarily for temporary wear in the fetish community. Both metal coils and fabric neck corsets immobilize the neck so that the wearer is essentially unable to turn their head left to right or up and down and gives a feeling both of restriction and of protection.

Stuart Neck Coils 1.jpg Stuart Neck Coils 2.jpg
Stuart of C&S Constructions wearing neck coils manufactured by his company.
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