Modern Body Suspension

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Modern Body Suspension

"Modern Body Suspension" is a progressive Vancouver-based body suspension team founded in 2004 by Russ Foxx.

MBS is dedicated to educating and sharing safe and experienced ritual experiences with an ever-discerning public. MBS facilitates both public & private seminars, rituals and performances in body suspension, flesh pulls and the like. These rituals are most often indoors, but can also be organized outdoors. MBS is completely mobile and can travel internationally.

MBS is a non-profit group. All fees incurred from seminars and rituals are used for re-stocking supplies, venue rentals, upgrading and maintaining equipment, web site costs, etc.

MBS offers experience with all types of suspensions & pulls, including vertical, horizontal, inverted, tandem and modified suspensions, energy pulls, spinning beams, etc.

MBS has many members and affiliates, ranging from professional piercers to suspension enthusiasts. They are always accepting of new members and can often offer chances to witness a ritual before indulging yourself in your own spiritual experience. MBS also has a history of performance-related suspension work in sideshows or other types of events.

If you would like to witness or set up a ritual, contact MBS by email at: [email protected]

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