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ModBlog is a body modification blog sponsored by BME that was founded by Shannon Larratt in early 2005 and featured articles written by Shannon and Jordan Ginsberg along with other contributors.

On July 11, 2008, ModBlog migrated to new software and a new url at as part of efforts to consolidate BME. This, like previous versions of ModBlog, uses WordPress. New and old ModBlog posts are archived on the new news section of BMEzine under the news category "ModBlog".

In 2010, Rob Walshe became ModBlog's main writer. He retired from the position in 2012 and Shannon Larratt took his place. ModBlog is generally updated 5 days a week with several postings a day.

Controversal Topics

ModBlog often features experiences that tend to generate much discussion about how the person did such and such or how such and such story is improbable. For example, xBanditax was featured for her part in a Psycho Cyborgs video and performance where a 10 cm long, baby-shaped, subdermal implant is cut out and put back in. xBanditax herself and numerous doctors explained precisely what happened. This post, despite the expert comments, continues to generate comments speculating on how she could survive an apparent evisceration and concern over copycats dying to get on ModBlog. Although ModBlog is a collection of state of the art experiences, many of the extreme experiences should NOT be undertaken by the general public without ample research and professional assistance.

ModBlog has also accidentally featured stories that, with a little research, have been shown to be mostly fictional (for example, Michelle the Pass Around Girl is at least 37, not 27, and admits to playing a role for her BME interview).

"Guess The Anatomy" is a fairly popular game some contributors like to play. It consists of a well framed shot of an unusual piercing or mod followed by a click through to a wider angle view. Fairly often these mods happen to be uncommon extreme or hard (often genital) mods.

User Contributed Comments

If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don't understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here

An increasingly common complaint (as of July 2008) has been that a particular mod has been featured previously. Although certain individuals have been featured five, six, or even more than ten times in the rare, exceptional instances, a thorough search prior to posting each entry to ensure that each featured mod is fresh. In June 2008, of the hundreds of mods posted, only one was featured previously. Most often this sense of "deja vu" comes from an image being featured both as a ModBlog article and a cover for a BME gallery listed on the side of ModBlog.