Michael Brum

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Michael Brum
Birth Date October 20, 1978
Birth Place Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation BME
Website http://www.bme.com/iam/ct/

Michael Brum (born October 20, 1978) has been helping with a number of BME tasks since 2003; including much of the administration of the Windows servers for the IAM system, TOS panel duties and other sysadmin help when needed.

Random Tidbits

  • Mike's first suspension was a 2-hook vertical chest suspension at the first IWasCured SusCon in 2002
  • A fan of puzzles, Mike can solve Rubik's Cubes in under a minute
  • At one point, Mike was TOSed from IAM by Shannon Larratt
  • AKA: wangmaster

See Also

  • MikeBrum.com - Mike's personal website which mirrors some IAM diary entries along with various non-mod-related content
  • Scrag.net - A D&D blog authored by Mike that is no longer being updated, but preserved for posterity
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