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MODIFICATE is a life long project created by Jonathan Martinez about Body Modifications.

"...The project that you are about to see is just a small part of the great voyage that precedes the inevitable, but marvellous future of the world. Body Modifications, including all of its different forms and variations, are more than just a culture. It is a need that humans and most living things are born with and develop. From a social point of view, the tendencies that are generally accepted by the vast majority tend to predominate over our subculture, with attitudes perhaps a bit more aggressive, called barbarities as opposed to beauty, without stopping to think that the concept of "beauty" is explicitly subjective. Time passes and with it, new generations will appear. In a few years, having a Body Modification like the ones that currently exist in our subculture will be totally natural and will give way to new tendencies. These will involve us in the process of science and mankind in the development of our welfare. For now, let's learn to respect diversity, modifications, mutations, changes, transcendences, human beingsā€¦ This portfolio is a collection of work performed during the last few years, always with absolute responsibility and with the appropriate experience, acquired after a long period of study and dedication and developing new techniques and tools. I hope they are of your liking. Modificate..."

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