Lukas Zpira

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Lukas Zpira
Birth Date April 29, 1966
Birth Place France
Death Date living
Occupation Artist, Body Modification Practitioner
Website [1]

Lukas Zpira is a body modification artist, nomadic performer, documentor of the contemporary fringes and one of the major figures of the contemporary underground.


  1. Career
  2. Onanisme Manu Militari II
  3. Current Activities
  4. Performances
  5. Body Hacktivim manifesto 2.0
  6. Philosophy
  7. External links


Lukas Zpira began his artistic career in 1992, at age 26...

Onanisme Manu Militari II

This book is a compilation of text and images retracing a decade of experimentation and iconoclast collaborations...

Current Activities

Lukas Zpira is currently on the self-proclaimed "Crazy BodMod Tour."...


In 2000 Lukas organized the event ART-KOR.OO...

Body Hacktivim manifesto 2.0

Created at the dawn of the twenty first century under the impulse...


[Lukas Zpira], wrote the following statement in 1998:

To be, and to appear what we are

hybrid beings half organic matter, half manufactured product, mutants, relieved of our self destructive instincts, just trying to repossess our bodies to better master our minds.' what caterpillar would think of flying before becoming a butterfly? our metamorphosis is a self-examination, each step is an experience, each element an answer, it is a metaphor, a challenge, slashes in the lines (pre-traced?) of our lives.

And some other major texts such as :

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