Lori St.Leone

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Lori St.Leone
Birth Date
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Death Date Living
Occupation Professional Piercer (retired)
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Lori St.Leone is known on IAM as: spikesandstuds, has been a BME QOD staff member since 2003, and previously owned and operated Vogue Body Piercing in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Lori St.Leone began her piercing career in 1995 in her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, and has been working at Vogue Body Piercing since 2001. Lori is extensively experienced in all aspects of body piercing (everything from lobes and eyebrows to genital projects), and she also offers services such as punch and taper method surface piercing, large gauge dermal and cartilage punching, lobe scalpelling, genital beading and newer techniques such as microdermals. She is the sole Piercer working with the NT Department of Health to improve legislation in regards to body modification in the Northern Territory, and is strongly committed to constantly improving her techniques and the shop's setup to conform with best practice available as the industry advances. Lori has an excellent reputation in her local community for her ethical and superb quality practice, as well as her friendliness and kindness, and often volunteers her time doing community outreach and education regarding body modification and related health concerns and issues.


These are a few samples of work performed by Lori St.Leone. You can view more by searching BMEZINE for Lori St.Leone or spikesandstuds

Fused toe piercing UFO Piercing Dermal anchor Nape piercing, punch and taper Tragus spiral (helix and lobe piercings not done by Lori St.Leone)

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