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Jesse Jarrell
Birth Date
Birth Place
Death Date living
Occupation jeweller, fashion artist

Jarrell-designed Industrial jewelry
Jesse Jarrell began his body jewelry work in his home town of Fairbanks, Alaska, originally working with organic materials such as bone and horn.
In 1998 he moved to Phoenix, Arizona and teamed up with Steve Haworth to start Fractal Creations, the first company to exploit cast titanium for body jewelry production. Soon after, he also began designing and producing custom implants for Steve, easily the most prolific and boundary shattering (and controversial) body artist in the world. During that same time period he also emerged as a custom fashion artist, sculpting clothing out of latex, his work recently being featured in numerous fetish magazines, as well as In The Flesh by Victoria Pitts.
Jarrell-designed CBR
Two years later he teamed up with Isa Gordon on a university fellowship to create cyborg prosthetics for the Psymbiote Project. He continues his work on a number of projects while supervising Kaos Softwear, which is his latest body jewelry company, co-founded with Steve Haworth. He moved Kaos Softwear to Portland, Oregon, which is where he resides today.

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