Jean Carroll

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Jean Furella Carroll
Birth Date 1910
Birth Place Schenectady, New York, USA
Death Date March 20, 1903
Occupation performer
Website none

Jean Carroll (born in 1910 as Jean Furella) was a tattooed lady and a bearded lady from Schenectady, New York.


Jean Carroll was a genuine bearded lady (most are gaffs) who traded her natural abnormality for a man-made one. Carroll has a beard since she was a little girl. She joined the circus at the age of 10. She eventually met and fell in love with a contortionist/sideshow talker named John Carson. He loved her too, but couldn't get passed the beard.[1] She removed her beard for him through electrolysis. She became a tattooed lady instead and got tattooed by Charles Wagner. She also began working as a stripper. In 1951 her husband died.

While working at Coney Island she met a sideshow talker named Larry Rapp. She married him April 30, 1953.[2] [3]

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