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ihung was founded in February 2002 after co-founder Jason had trained alongside IWasCured, starting late the previous year. From there, Jason took this knowledge back to Ohio and showed several other people (most notably, Adrian Spillman), what he had learned, and then, in February, ihung threw their first hooks in each other for several pullings.

ihung continued to learn and practice on each other in the following months and got a lot of nice breaks, such as getting to work alongside Steve Haworth at the 2002 Hell City Tattoo Convention in Columbus Ohio, and performing at several local clubs and fetish shows. ihung no longer does actual performances because its members are more interested in the ritualism of suspension as an intimate act than as a show. ihung does, however, assist several other suspension artists with their shows to make sure that everything is performed at or above "industry" standards.

Since its inception, ihung has striven to bring safe, sterile, and comfortable suspensions and other rituals to the MidWest, travelling throughout Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, as well as going to SusCons and BBQs all over the US. ihung is currently based out of Columbus, Ohio, although Jason now lives in Toronto, ON, and works once more alongside IWasCured.

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