Tattoo Samy

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Tattoo Samy
Horst Heinrich Streckenbach Tattoo Samy 1979.jpg
Birth Date 5 August 1925
Birth Place WeiƟwasser, Schlesien, Germany
Death Date 27 June 2001
Occupation tattoo artist

Tattoo Samy (August 5, 1925 - June 27, 2001), born Horst Heinrich Streckenbach, was a tattoo artist from Frankfurt, Germany and the first documented person to have a tongue piercing.

He got his first tattoo at the age of 10. He began tattooing in 1946. He opened his own studio in 1947 in Frankfurt, Germany and it was open for 40 almost years. He got his tongue pierced in 1978 with a 10ga Dermal Punch and this was documented in the PFIQ.

Tattoo Samy introduced Jim Ward to barbell jewelry.[1] In 1975, Manfred Kohrs became Samy's student. Samy and Manfred Kohrs pioneered many jewelry designs such as the fixed bead ring and internally threaded barbells. They also developed a rotary tattoo machine together from 1974 - 1978.

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