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Guy Aitchison
Birth Date 1968
Birth Place Ann Arbor, Michigan
Death Date living
Occupation tattoo artist

Guy Aitchison (born in 1968) is an influential tattoo artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

One of a handful of young tattooists who changed the face of modern tattooing, Guy Aitchison got his start at Bob Olson's in Chicago. A high school dropout who painted record covers for a living, Guy "took" to tattooing and started working on customers in 1988.

He attained a reputation for doing HR Giger inspired biomechanics, and as his popularity increased, so did the difficulty in securing an appointment with him. Rumors persisted that he had retired. He has released books on tattooing: Organica and Reinventing the Tattoo.

His work lately, appointment only and large-scale in nature, is self described as "organic ... fractal landscapes," and is again reinventing what is possible with tattooing "special effects."

Aitchison is married to tattooist Michele Wortman, with whom he shares a studio. His sister, Hannah Aitchison, is also an accomplished Tattoo Artist.

You can catch Guy at most major conventions for appointment info, or visit his website [1] for photos of his work and contact information.


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