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The front cover of The Genitorturers DVD, "Society of Genitorture" (2001 G-Spot Films)
The Genitorturers consists of four memebers; Bizz, Joey, Evil D. and Gen on vocals. The Genitorturers formed in the 1990's in Orlando, Florida, while Gen was studying a Pre-Med course. The Genitorturers combined punk, metal and electronic beats with fetish, body piercing, branding and cutting, transforming their live show into something much more than just a "rock concert."

A typical live performance by The Genitorturers would be made up of the band playing with Gen, sometimes on vocals and sometimes leading a piercing show, acting as a puppeteer between two sets of pierced nipples or branding a member of the audience. In the background, cages, children's toys, and fetish performance paraphenalia adorn the stage.

As the artist most responsible for The Genitorturers, Gen has said she started the band to help herself relax from her then-gruelling course in Pre-med and also to combine her two loves, music and sexuality.



  • 2003/2004 EP: "Flesh Is The Law" (Dreamcatcher/SPV,Big MF, Gforce Records)
  • 2001 DVD: "The Society of Genitorture" (Music VideoDistributers/G spot films)
  • 2000 CD: "Machine Love" (Cleopatra Records)
  • 1998 CD: "Sin City" CD (Cleopatra Records /Gforce Records)
  • 1997 Video: "Society of Genitorture" (G-Spot Films)
  • 1993 CD: "120 Days of Genitorture" CD (IRS Records /Capitol)

Movie Soundtracks and Videogames

  • 2004 Videogame: Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines (Activision)
  • 2004 Videogame: True Crime Streets of LA (Activision)
  • 2003 Soundtrack: Vampire Clan
  • 2003 Sountrack: Bike Week Exposed
  • 1999 Soundtrack: Raging Hormones
  • 1997 Soundtrack: The Society of Genitorture
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