Genesis P-Orridge

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Genesis P-Orridge
Birth Date February 22, 1950
Birth Place England
Death Date living
Occupation Artist, Writer, Musician

Genesis P-Orridge (born Neil Andrew Megson February, 22 1950) is an English born artist, writer, musician and performer currently living in NYC, USA.

Possibly best known for his bands "Throbbing Gristle" and "Temple of Psychic Youth", P-Orridge was interviewed along with his wife Paula for the classic RE-Search book Modern Primitives. Having been tattooed/pierced by British legend Mr. Sebastian (Allen Oversby), P-Orridge recently underwent breast implant surgery and refers to himself as s/he.

From an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle:

"Now, he adds, "We've been utilizing cosmetic surgery procedures as well as clothing and hairstyles to look more and more like each other." For P- Orridge, the alterations have included cheekbone implants and having his healthy teeth replaced with a set of solid gold.

"And on Valentine's Day 2003, we both got breast implants," he says proudly. "B cups, for those interested. And we have a really wonderful doctor who's collaborating with us on the project -- he's really started to grasp what we're trying to say. And slowly but surely, we're going to keep having surgeries that we can afford, to look more and more alike. And we're trying to learn each other's gestures, as well, to lose ourselves in each other."

Inspired by William Burroughs' cut-up method with words, the pair believe that "by cutting up our own bodies, we're creating a third being, which we call the 'Pandrogyne."

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